Bonatsa Ship Design

What “Bonatsa” means?

Bonatsa is Greek word and means quiet sea. It is often used by sailors in order to describe good and quiet life at sea. Similar word exist in Italian language (bonaccia) and in Serbo-Croatian (bonaca). Our name is our wish for our clients.

Who we are?

Bonatsa Ship Design is a company which has an own ‘network’ of professional naval architects and designers, design companies as well as surveyors.

What we can offer?

1) Engineering – ship design and reconstruction (sea going and inland vessels)

• class drawings (construction, pipelines etc.)
• calculations (longitudinal strength, construction according to rules of different class societies, FEM calculations, loading rate calculations etc.)
• workshop documentation and cutting files
• engineering on spot
• engineering of heavy transports

2) Brokering services – we can give advices to our clients regarding building location. Our speciality is Serbian and Chinese market.
3) Building supervision and building support – we can take care about quality and building progress
4) Consultancy - providing of different advices to the clients - for example establishing of a shipyard, buying an existing shipyard, market research etc.